Dear Friends in Christ,
I’m sure you’ve heard people say in difficult situations something like, “Well, all we can do now is pray.” The idea to pray is good, of course. But those words underestimate the power of prayer, as if it’s something we do only as a last resort. In fact, prayer should occupy the first and last place in our lives…and every place in between. That’s why Saint Paul tells us to pray without ceasing (cf. 1 Thess 5:17).
Prayer also binds us together as a community of Faith. Praying for one another causes us to look upon one another properly, as persons loved into being by God and called to holiness and eternal life. This is what brings us together and, it’s worth mentioning, is an important corrective in our highly competitive and status-obsessed area.
So I am happy to announce the Saint James Prayer Chain. This initiative of intercession enables us to support our St. James community and one another in the most important and powerful way possible. I hope that all of you will avail yourselves of this resource, as a way both to pray and to ask for prayers. These unseen acts of faith will bear much fruit for in our Parish, our School, and our families!
Sincerely in Christ,
                     Fr. Scalia

A few details:
Please complete the form below to join as a praying member. The Saint James Prayer Chain Coordinator will send prayer requests to your email address as they are received and include a prayer for each. You are welcome to use the included prayer or pray as your heart directs at a time of your choosing.
If you have a prayer request for someone, please obtain any necessary permission before submitting their name and intention.  You are encouraged to forward a copy of the Prayer Request that is sent along the Saint James Prayer Chain to the person for whom you asked us to pray so they will know what was included and how we are praying for them.  At times an individual needs to remain anonymous and, in that case, please let us know and we will pray in general for them as a relative or friend of a prayer chain member.

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